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We at Dooroom Canada pride ourselves on a few fundamental strengths. Things that we strive to do better  then our competition. Producing a product that is individual to our customers needs. That starts with understanding what those needs are. Our doors can be built  to address a number  of specific requirements.

Some of those requirements could be for sound suppression, a higher thermal rating, durability (high traffic areas, commercial applications or rental units), Aesthetics  or a combination  of all of these. Service in understanding those needs, right through to production,  ordering, and delivery. All while striving to be  cost conscientious. We truly believe in measuring 3 times and cutting once.

We look to deliver a unique product specifically designed to address each and every one of our customer’s individual project’s. After your first experience in dealing with us you will genuinely see the difference.

 All of our products are custom manufactured in the Ukraine. Our manufacturing facility is one of the oldest and largest in Europe and  ships globally.
We carry a very diverse line of products. Our doors are 100% customized internally and  can be finished with many different options. We work with Tempered glass, Plexiglass, Wood veneer, Vinyl wraps, a variety of metals and combinations of all of the above. If you can Dream It, we can more than likely build it. All of this can be manufactured within almost any dimensions. Our Company motto “Any Height any Width”.
  At the heart of our wood doors we use an MDF core. MDF stands for medium density fiberboard. Depending on the needs of the door we use many varying internal combinations. Combinations of hardwood, MDF, foam, rigid, and many other products.
  We believe MDF is a superior product for door Construction. Unlike Hardwood, MDF is not susceptible to warping(expanding) in humid summer conditions, or splitting( Contracting) in dry Winter conditions. MDF is a process of combining an adhesive agent with wood fibers under extreme pressure. This results in a very strong and durable product.

Give us an opportunity and you will experience the difference!