If you want to choose a good material for the doors inside of your house, you are in the right place. This elements have to count with some concrete characteristics; resistant, isolating, decorative, and keeping their shape with the passing of time. Do you know what’s the best material for inside doors? Take note.

Choosing your house doors is not something you can do randomly, specially when it comes to inside doors. You have to know the difference between all the possible materials for your doors so you can make the right decision and thus enjoy them for a long time. There are classic options or modern ones depending on your needs and preferences, so you will have to choose whichever is better for you.

  • MDF doors:

MDF is an excellent material for inside doors in houses or apartments. The difference  resides in the finish that this can have and its nucleus. You can distinguish any other material to MDF wood. MDF wood doors are made 85% from wood fibers and synthetic compressed fibers, and because of this they are robust , delicate in their maintenance, but they offer a longer life span. On the contrary, hollow wooden doors do not have an internal nucleus, but they are cases where they are filled with paper, paperboard, or conglomerate. They are very light and way cheaper, but they have a smaller resistance.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight the door’s finish that can be lacquered, leaving the MDF natural with or without varnish, or with a wooden effect through boards that imitate certain types of wood. The finish does not really influences the physical characteristics of the door too much, but it does on the esthetical part, reason why it is so important.

Truth is that many interesting options can be found in the market when it comes to doors, but we seriously recommend MDF for inside doors as we already presented all the benefits it brings. Nevertheless, options are infinite when it comes to needs and preferences, so find one that adapts to yours.

  • Doors on other materials:

It is not likely to find inside doors on other materials from wood or MDF, but it is possible to find wood mixed with other materials. The ones that contain elements from aluminium or glass can result interesting depending on the finish that you want to obtain. Transparent crystal or even the translucent one are one of the best solutions to increase the luminosity inside of the household. As we already said, options are endless; investigate, look, and choose the one that is best for you.

After reading all this information, you will be able to decide which one is the best material for interior doors for your house or apartment. Never hesitate to look for other options, designs, and materials, and go choose the best inside doors that matches what you like and need. In any case, if you need one for your household, don’t doubt in contacting us so we can help you enjoy them as soon as possible.