How to Choose Your Door Handle

How to Choose Your Door Handle


Door handles; we might sometimes take them for granted, but it is incredible how much a handle can change the look of your doors and even your house completely. That is why it is so necessary to be really careful when choosing the door handles for your home.That is why we will give you the best tips when it comes to this task. It is easy, just keep reading.

First of all, the most important part is achieving a balance between function and form, which means that their aesthetic should be chosen according to every door type. You can take a look on our online handle store, where you will find a lot of handle types and designs with different prices that you will love, no doubt. Having said this, these are the steps to take:

  • Determining the functionality of the handles that we want for our doors is fundamental. Twisting door knobs are very cheap but they end up going loose and stop being functional. The easiest to install if you think of doing it yourself might be rosette shield handles. These ones can even adapt to hide big holes from past door handles in any of our doors. Also, if you have any hole to hide, the best for this are cranks with silver shield. Another thing to consider when choosing your door handles is the presence of children as many knobs can be hard to handle for them.
  • Count how many doors will need latches in rooms that need extra privacy as bathrooms, main bedrooms, etc. You will also have to evaluate if any office in the house will need a lock, case in which you will need a keyhole in the handle.
  • The moment where you search for the style and the adjustment of the aesthetic of the handle to the door and the house has finally come. If you are remodeling your house or you are in a brand new one, take into consideration that the majority of new interior doors include a standard brass or chrome handle. You don’t have to conform with it, there are many handle models and designs for interior doors to choose from! Once you do choose one ( vintage handles are very trendy right now) and their color ( black, gold, or chrome) you will have to select between a matte or shiny finish. If having a neat look is important for you, take into consideration that shiny knobs are easily scratched and they show fingerprints immediately.
  • One option is using handles that don’t close or kitchen handles for kitchen doors. They are very comfortable, and they can open and close without using your hands. With the right door dock mechanism the door will close itself when someone comes in or out of it, which will keep scents and noises in that space only. If you are looking for this system in rooms other than the kitchen, you can do it as well.
  • Don’t forget about door stops. They prevent the walls and furniture from ruining when the door bumps them.
  • It is very important to establish a budget. Door handles can be very expensive, reason why you have to count how many handles you need and multiply it by the price. Look at our handles and their prices when choosing your handles.

After this article, we assure you that you will choose the best handle for your door and household. Remember, don’t leave it for the last minute, they can really make a difference on the comfort and looks of your house or apartment. Follow all these tips and you will see how easy and successful this will be. Good luck on handle hunting!