Why choose MDF doors?

Why choose MDF doors?


Mdf is the material that the doors that we sell here in Dooroom are made out of. What is the difference between this material and others? What advantages does MDF provide? Why choose our MDF doors over others? What kind of doors do we offer on this amazing material? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about MDF and why you should choose it for your doors without any doubts along with all of the options we offer for you here.

First of all, MDF stands for medium density fibreboard. It is commonly called this way, as it is not exactly wood, but a product derived from it. This type of board is manufactured from wood fibers (approximately 85%) and synthetic compressed resins, which gives a bigger density to the material than other traditional agglomerates or plywood. This density is what sets the weight for every square meter of this material.

During its manufacturing process, some chemicals can be added with the purpose of giving additional characteristics and functions to the material, like water resistance or to avoid fungus or mold to grow on it.

It has a uniform color and it doesn’t have the beta as wood, which makes the handling of this material way easier than others, including wood.

Now, what are the main advantages of MDF doors? Why choose our doors on this amazing material?

  • The fact that it is manufactured from really small fibers, basically dust, allows it to be easily carved or milled and achieve a look similar to solid wood.
  • Mdf price is way lower than solid wood and other door materials. If you are remodeling, or looking for new doors on a budget, this is definitely the best option for you.
  • It can be worked on with tools for solid wood or plywood, which makes it easy to handle.
  • Doors on this material are ideal for the use of paints and varnishes on top of them. Also, you can paint them in any direction and the result will be the same as it doesn’t have any grains. Extra tip: use solvent-based paints instead of water-based ones to accomplish the perfect finish.
  • It has excellent support for wood veneers, which give the appearance of solid wood. This is because it has a uniform surface and has excellent behavior with adhesives and glues.

Thanks to the versatility of MDF material, in Dooroom we have a wide range of door designs , which is the best quality and best option for the inside doors of your household.

We offer 6 series of designs for everyone to have one door that fits their personal taste and house style. Each serie has different models and colored doors with unique, beautiful, and elegant designs that will give the boost you need for your house or apartment.

Also, we produce all our door models in any size you need so you can customize it according the space you will be designing. We build all of our products in our manufacturing facility in Ukraine, which is one of the oldest and largest in Europe, and we also offer global shipping so you can get your door anywhere you need. Trust us with your eyes closed on your door manufacturing and see for yourself the quality and beauty of our products. Contact us if you have any doubt on our doors and the MDF material. Head to our doors tab and see for yourself all of the beautiful designs and options we offer; choose your MDF door in Dooroom now!